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May 7, 2010 Comments (0) Views: 4680 Website News

Hello world!
I made this website with a forum. Gay nerds, a niche of a niche.
I am looking for contributors and ideas, so I would appreciate some posts in the forum and whatnot and eventually, I will make it live and start advertising for it. Also, I’m looking for original articles/content/commentary. The main page is embarrassing for now.
The core idea of the website is original content. I am not seeking to become the next Kotaku (fuck that bullshit) or the next gizmodo, comicbookresources or w/e. I am seeking to become what they link to. I want social commentary on games, comics, tv shows, etc. I’ll get interviews and ask gay questions. There will be a youtube channel that Leeatard is working on. Podcasts as well.
Also, the forum will be deeply ingrained on the frontpage. Like, good threads will become articles and there will be weekly columns (such as dating columns), eye candy that are actually active in the forums etc.
The community will grow once I get the word out to the major websites but for now, I need a core group and community to help me build things up with ideas at the very least. It will not be advertised yet.
So please, pass the link along to cool people and let’s get shit started.
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