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November 29, 2010 Comments Off on Didn’t you guys hear? We’re huge in France. Views: 4127 Website News

Didn’t you guys hear? We’re huge in France.

French gay culture magazine Têtu ( gave us a little shout out on their magazine! And here I was thinking that you guys didn’t love us.

Here’s a translation for those of us not cultured enough to know French (Thanks Gwaïhir!)

A webpage to bookmark

Started in May 2010, became one of the best websites for joystick addicts.
Within the categories, we especially like “Are they or Aren’t they?”, which analyzes videogames’ protagonists’ putative homosexuality (Zelda, Zangief…) ; “Dr.Gay Nerd”, who answers gaymers’ sentimental and sexual problems ; and “Weekly Pinup”. Clear, funny and with nice illustrations, surely deserves to join your favorite webpages bar.

Thanks again to Gwaïhir for being our French connection and being completely awesome for giving us the heads up!

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