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The Cape

Nerd Premiere: The Cape

The Cape NBC Monday superheroLast spring NBC gave the ax to the one-time cultural phenomenon, Heroes, despite the fact that the channel was desperate for any random TV show due to Jay Leno failing to get the ratings that local affiliates needed for their evening news.   During this time of serious upheaval at the corporate level, NBC decided that they needed another superhero show to fill the void of their DVR juggernaut.  This nexus of unfortunate circumstances has led to the production of The Cape, an original show that pulls from the tropes of our beloved graphic medium in order to entertain us in a serialized, weekly format.  But how successful is The Cape in standing on its own, outside of the shadow of past events?

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Nerd Premiere: No Ordinary Family

No Ordinary Family is the latest television show from Greg Berlanti, creator of Eli Stone, Brothers and Sisters, and Everwood. The show will be the first that the public gets to see of how Berlanti is able to write superheroes, which is important because he is the screenwriter for the impending Green Lantern and Flash films.  The cast has names and faces that nerds may be familiar with:  Michael Chiklis was Ben Grimm/Thing in the first two Fantastic Four movies; Julie Benz was Darla in Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Jimmy Bennett played a young Captain Kirk in Star Trek; and if you think Kay Panabaker looks familiar, it’s because her sister controlled plants in Sky High.  So with so much going for it how does No Ordinary Family stack up on its own and against it’s predecessor, Heroes?