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Nerdrage or Nerdgasm: God of War 4

While God of War helped defined the past decade of gaming, will its creators force another cast of characters through a bloody button mashing revenge or try find a game that best fits the mythology? Is this even necessary considering a late holiday 2012 release? Our resident music homo waxes his speculation and concerns.

I had a blast with the first God of War. It played like a beefed up version of old beat-em-ups like Knights of the Round crossed with enough platforming and puzzle solving to tide me over until the next Prince of Persia game came out. It was also one of the few games that I remember people gathering to watch for the sheer spectacle. Kratos’s artful dissections of the human and otherworldly anatomy were drenched in the same kind of slapstick levels of gore that guilty pleasures like The Story of Rikki revel in. Even with the presence of my arch nemesis the Quick Time Event, the game proved to be an amusing romp through familiar territory. Kratos’ revenge on Ares was believable, and the Gods behaved exactly how I would imagine them to be. I couldn’t wait to get back to Ancient Greece and find out what happened to Kratos afterward.