About was founded back in May 2010 as a place for gay nerds, lesbian geeks, and everyone in between. It was born out of a strong need to feel a sense of community and the desire to have a voice out there that was uniquely ours. Back then, it was rough for us to carve out a niche for us in both mainstream gay culture and nerd culture. It still is.
When you come out of the closet, it’s difficult to find yourself instantaneously a part of something much larger and yet much smaller. Suddenly, you’ve realized that you’re a part of this long line of LGBT people whose culture you’re only tangentially aware of but at the same time, these people comprise such a small number of the populace. People are from such diverse cultural backgrounds and far apart geographically that it’s difficult to find people you can relate with. Gay culture is rich in tradition and history like the Stonewall Riots, political movements and Drag History. Mainstream gay culture is also heavily influenced with high culture like fashion, design, theater and music. But, it’s hard to form connections with that if your interests didn’t already naturally align with it. Coming out doesn’t mean that you suddenly gain a new personality. You’re still the person who loves videogames or reads comic books.
At the same time, popular nerd culture is not without its caveats. “Faggot” and “gay” are still frequently used online as slurs in modern videogames. Most of nerd pop culture is made with the average heterosexual male in mind. These communities reflect that bias and are inherently toxic to that which does not conform to that standard. It’s difficult being a part of a community when it’s always an uphill battle. But even afterwards, you’ll still be an outsider. Sometimes, you just simply need to be yourself without the fear of having to say things a certain way or hide a part of who you are.
So, was born.
The landscape then and now has changed a lot over the years. Gay marriage is recognized in more places. It’s much easier to connect with other LGBT nerds/geeks. Nerd culture has become a bit more accepting of things out of the norm. But still, there’s work to be done and while there’s work to be done, you can always come back here. was and always will be Your Voice, Your Interests and Your Home.