GN was founded because I wanted to provide a place for gay nerds to get together. Why is this necessary? Because it can be hard to find other people to relate to when you’re a gay nerd.  It’s not enough to just find other gay people because we don’t have a common thread connecting us beyond our experiences and desires to be with someone of the same sex. There is no universal gay culture to speak of, and it can be hard to relate to other gay people at times. We can’t say things like “my father and my father’s father hail from a line of proud homosexuals” or “I grew up in a very homosexual household and it made me into the cocksucker that I am today”. As gay people, we need to find our own niche in the world and our own culture. Nerdery is our culture. It defines us just as much as being gay if not moreso.

So why not just dive into nerd sites? It’s because nerd sites by and large are not the most accepting places and gay nerds need a place where we don’t have to hide who we are just to fit in. We can’t get into discussions like “Which videogame girl is the hottest” without getting rebuked or feeling left out. All too often in gaming sites, “gay” and “fag” get thrown around as insults and women are told to go to the kitchen where they belong and make sandwiches. It’s not a safe haven at all and I wanted to provide that here.


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