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Gay Animes to Watch This Season: Free! Iwatobi Swim Club

Gay Animes to Watch This Season: Free! Iwatobi Swim Club

One of the most talked and shipped about animes this summer is Free! Iwatobi Swim Club. It originally started out as an animation short and animation exercise but it gained such a cult following that it became a full fledged anime. Free! has gained cult status for good reason. The animation is completely gorgeous. Free...
Otakon 2011 Cosplay Gallery

Otakon 2011 Cosplay Gallery

Despite 100+ degrees of hot weather, otakus and enthusiasts donned their costumes for Otakon 2011 last weekend. Cosplay is always one of the main draws of Otakon and here are some highlights! Discuss this in the forum!
RCE # 18: Animu and You!

RCE # 18: Animu and You!

Good news, everyone!
Intellectual Gushing:  Mars of Destruction

Intellectual Gushing: Mars of Destruction

An insightful anime produced by two people recently came to my attention. Entitled Mars of Destruction, the short film is a chilling take into the origins of our species and our impact on the environment. The Destruction that this anime depicts in a fictional 2010 is heart-wrenching, yet thoughtful; and though the temporal setting has...
Nerd Rage:  The Moefication of Anime

Nerd Rage: The Moefication of Anime

I can remember a few years ago, when I ran into the word “moe” for the first time. I suppose I was on Wikipedia, and the best description that I could find anywhere was that it was a current trend in shows where one character (usually female) would be different from the rest in that...
Nerd Premiere:  Wolverine

Nerd Premiere: Wolverine

Last fall, Madhouse began airing the first of four Marvel adaptations for the Japanese audience with the release of Iron Man.  With the Winter season in full swing, it’s now James Howlett’s turn for the anime treatment.  Is Wolverine better than it’s predecessor starring Tony Stark?  And how will anime and comic book fans react...
Holiday Nerdery - Even More Holiday Specials You Should Watch!

Holiday Nerdery – Even More Holiday Specials You Should Watch!

What was that? You needed another five nerdy holiday specials to fill your Christmas viewing time? *sigh* Okay, fine. I guess we can work that out, but only because you readers have been so good this past year.
Happy Non-denominational Winter Time!

Happy Non-denominational Winter Time!

Every successful series has a holiday episode and a flashback episode. Well, RCE saves you time and money by combining the two in one festive, creamy package.  Join me and the boys as we hop in the WABAC machine and journey to the Christmases of yesteryear when Gameboys only had one screen and owning a...
Deconstructing Soul Society

Deconstructing Soul Society

In October, I decided that I would celebrate my resolve to cease my continued torture in the form of watching Bleach on a daily basis, with the date set for the eventual time that the show goes into its early-fall-to-late-spring filler arc.   Despite my overwhelmingly neurotic desire to finish what I start because it represents...
Gay Anime This Season:  Togainu no Chi

Gay Anime This Season: Togainu no Chi

The second of the two gay anime this season is Togainu no Chi.  Akira, an undefeated, stoic street-fighter, is framed for murder and sent to jail.  Confronted by a mysterious woman from an unknown organization, Akira is given a chance at freedom.  The catch is that he must participate in Igra, a game of death...
Gay Anime This Season:  Kuragehime

Gay Anime This Season: Kuragehime

It’s time again for Gay-Nerds’ seasonal peek at the gay shows currently airing in the fair nation of Japan.  Unfortunately, Fall has been depressingly less gay than the other seasons this year, despite more shows airing compared to Summer.  As always, keep in mind that our fabulous rating system doesn’t grade quality, but rather gayness. ...
Nerd Premiere:  Iron Man

Nerd Premiere: Iron Man

At Comic Con 2009, Marvel announced four comic-book properties that would see translation into an anime format by Madhouse, one of the largest studios, and probably one of the more eminent producers to casual audiences.  The studio has been behind critically acclaimed hits like Black Lagoon, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, and all of...
Gay Metaphor:  Natsume Yuujinchou

Gay Metaphor: Natsume Yuujinchou

Since I started watching anime on a regular basis a few years ago, one series has remained in the back of my mind:  Natsume Yuujinchou.  What often brings my thoughts to the show is the mature way that the main character’s coming of age is told and how the entire series develops as a metaphor...
3 Gay Anime This Season:  Yebisu Celebrities

3 Gay Anime This Season: Yebisu Celebrities

The third and final show for this summer’s list of gay anime is Yebisu Celebrities.  Haruka Fujinami just got a dream job at a top design firm, Yebisu Graphics where his boss, the blue blooded Takashi Daijou, hires him to be a low-level assistant.  The unsure Haruka works hard as Takashi drags him around from...
3 Gay Anime This Season:  Kuroshitsuji II

3 Gay Anime This Season: Kuroshitsuji II

Second in the seasonal overview of gay anime is Kuroshitsuji II, sequel to one of the sleeper successes of last year.  The show that had few people watching has now exploded into an orgasm of fangirl fappery.  The series follows Ciel Phantomhive, the lonely, pre-teenage head of a multi-national British conglomerate who mysteriously escaped death...
3 Gay Anime This Season:  High School of the Dead

3 Gay Anime This Season: High School of the Dead

It’s summer and, as I promised, we have a new batch of gay-ass anime to take a peek at.  I personally didn’t think that we’d get anything this season since summer is usually stacked with fodder for straight boys.  Somehow I was able to wheedle out three shows that are just sparkly enough.  Remember though,...
Our Representation in Anime:  Transgenders

Our Representation in Anime: Transgenders

I’m most intrigued by the way that trans characters are approached in anime.  Of any medium, I feel like anime really does something special in portraying trans characters.  As is the case with lesbians, bisexuals, and gays, the industry rarely distinguishes between transsexuals, transvestites, genderqueers, etc. but there are some delightful instances of well-rounded trans...
Our Representation in Anime:  Gays

Our Representation in Anime: Gays

The biggest moneymaker of the spectrum, ambiguously gay characters can be found nearly everywhere in the industry.  But it’s almost totally misrepresented with the presence of yaoi.  Separation between top and bottom is so clearly delineated that it offensively reinforces archaic gender roles.  The top, or “seme” is always uber-masculine with a a cleft chin...