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Gaming's Top 5 Sexiest Men and Women of 2011

Gaming’s Top 5 Sexiest Men and Women of 2011

It’s the week of Valentine’s Day, so I thought I’d do something in the spirit of beauty, lust, and romance. I’m starting off the week by celebrating the sexy faces of gaming with a list of the top 5 sexiest men and women in 2011 (I consulted a lesbian gamer pal of mine to help...
Diesel Wants "Heroes To Rise" And So Do I!

Diesel Wants “Heroes To Rise” And So Do I!

. . . did you all get a good look at this?! True, the commercial would have been better if we had seen some models in those oh-so-smexy undies but I’m hoping we’ll be able to see some of our own Gay-Nerds in them soon enough on the forums! (Girls included; what’s sexier than a...
Catwoman #2 Review

Catwoman #2 Review

Catwoman  has been receiving some unfair flack as of late. Since her creation Catwoman was intended to be a sexual being; she’s a minx, a feline hottie who uses her allure to her advantage, especially in dealings with the Batman. Though the first issue featured her red underwear in more panels than I would have cared to have seen,...